You can order personal art made specific about a theme or if you have a specific idea or representation of sexuality that you like. I gave here some examples of what I make or can make at the moment. I work on and with different materials. The end result is usually a Poster format. My style is explicit and controversial, mostly about Interracial Sex (the other way around), Bdsm or Fantasy scenario's. Colors can range from B/W to Vibrant. I can also help out with themes surrounding Taboo sexuality to learn understand your own fantasies better or to represent them in art. I can personalize the colors and add more to the basic designs. The prices are an indication and not binding, it depends on the actual product. 

I made all kinds of different types that are not on the site, you can contact me if you are interested in this kind of thing. I can show more in a different setting, as it is a lot to upload here. And most is personal, so you can just request something specific that you are interested in that I can make, like an assignment. 

Orders and rates go through email or the contact page. 


Size is Canvas 8"x10" - in USA

Size is Poster 18"x24" - Global 


Other products with the design can be ordered. You can think about a pillow or blanket for example. 

Controversial Sexual Teenage Art (18+)